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Looking for the best advice and guidance on the transition from school to university?

Martin Campion has worked with hundreds of 16-18 year olds on this journey to universities and colleges in the

UK, USA and elsewhere. He offers a personalised 1:1 service that can give you peace of mind and the assurance that your son or daughter's journey will be in the very best hands.

Martin Campion has over 20 years' experience as Head of Higher Education Guidance at a leading international school and now as a consultant. He is the first and the only higher education advisor in Hong Kong to receive the Peggy Templeton Strong Award, given each year by the Council of International Schools to one outstanding college counsellor worldwide. In 2016, he also received the Yale University Educator Award.


We will design your individual program based on your point of entry, your aspirations and likely destination(s).  At the core of the program will be 1:1 appointments with Martin Campion of one hour or longer, at our Lee Garden One or Infinitus Plaza office. 


Below are words that best describe the emphasis of each of the final 3 years of high school.  A more detailed picture can be found here.

CHOICES (Year 11, Grade 10, Sec. 4)

guides students in exploring their personal, academic and career strengths,

preferences and potentials through a structured program that will also introduce

them to the choices that await in the world of higher education.

RESEARCH (Year 12, Grade 11, Sec. 5)

guides and encourages students to explore their course and college options

in an informed, open-minded and logical manner. The end product of this

pleasurable quest is a shortlist that can form the basis for any college visits

and for applications in the autumn.

ADMISSION (Year 13, Grade 12, Sec. 6)

is all about refining that shortlist, familiarising oneself with application

procedures and deadlines and then making sure that the opportunities

that college essays, personal statements and interviews give are maximised.

We encourage you to start your program well before the ADMISSION stage, if possible, to achieve maximum benefit and guarantee your place for the application cycle.


Empower you (the student) to take ownership of this process.
Work with you to maximise your options in terms of research and application.
Help you balance this with your academic commitments.

Consider your unique context, talents and aspirations. 
Guide you in making your college applications as effective as possible.

Give regular feedback to your family.

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Take over the student's research and application process.
Add to the hysteria surrounding Higher Education by using terms such as 'elite' and 'exclusive'.

Add to the pressure students are already under (some self-imposed).
Promise to 'get you in' - the student does that!

Accept fees or commission from any H.E. institution.

University Scene


Decide that this is a pleasurable quest and not a daunting, stressful ordeal.
Take advice but also take responsibility.
Be open-minded in your research.
Recognise and value the role of your school in this process.

Turn up on time.  It's a good habit!

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While it is best to take the custom-made 1:1 program offered here, CAMPION also offers 'Clinic' hours to give advice on specific situations and circumstances. These might range from college essay/personal statement advice, how to prepare for interviews, how to respond to offers, how to manage 'fee status' issues or matters related to option or college choices.


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College Essay/Personal Statement Evaluation

Standardised and Admissions Test Advice
Oxbridge Interview Advice
Mock Interview Practice
UK Fee Status Advice
Academic Options Check
College Shortlist Evaluation
Stand-Alone Career Diagnostic

Whatever your situation, subject to availability, CAMPION offers appointments from 30m to 2 hours. Follow the link below to make a booking:

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