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We are able to offer fee waivers # worth over HK$500 to the following services, until November 1: 

Career and Aptitude Test Diagnostic - for 15-18 year olds

The Morrisby Profile is the best and most-trusted program available to help teenagers recognise their career potentials and plan their future education appropriately.  The initial test lasts about 2 hours and generates a report that we will help you interpret in an in-depth interview.

Concourse Global Clearing - for final year students only

A revolutionary new service that reverses and flips the whole admissions system. Now, universities apply to you, rather than vice versa, after viewing your anonymous profile.  For the moment, it won't replace your applications (or your research) but that additional offer you weren't considering may well change your future.

Use the contact details below to secure your fee waiver and set up your first session

# The waiver applies to the Program Service used and not to any consulting advice given in relation to the service.

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