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Parent Empowerment Workshops 

A series of workshops to give parents the background knowledge, understanding and resources to better support their teenagers through the transition from secondary to higher education.  Most suitable for parents of students 13 years' old and above.


Each half-day workshop is capped at a maximum of 6 participants to ensure full impact and interaction.  Workshops include advice and access to the best resources - online, printed and human – for the topic at hand.  Strategies to better engage our teenagers and to maximise the support that schools provide are part of every workshop.

Senior Advisor, Martin Campion will lead all workshops and may be supported by a specialist or university representative in some cases.  All workshops will take place at our Lee Garden One Office on weekday afternoons or Saturday mornings.


Choose one or several.

You can now book your reserved seat on the Eventbrite website.  Book early as places are limited and fill up quickly.

Click the title of your preferred workshop below to connect.

What, When and How?


At what age should students begin to prepare for higher education?  What are the important stages and deadlines?  When is it too late? How does this differ by likely destination?  How do schools manage this? What about summer schools, college visits, test prep, internships etc?


Higher Education in the USA - 101


Looking at the landscape of US Higher Education.  College v University; Public v Private; Women v Coed.  Application and Admission - Common App, Early Decision/Action etc.  Standardised Tests – SAT v ACT.  Breaking down the numbers – a look at research resources.  Costs and Financial Aid.


Highly Selective USA College Admission


The Myths and the Realities.  Grades and getting in the Ballpark.  The role of Standardised Tests.  How they decide. 

How you should decide/research.  Maximising your chances of admission.  Early Decision/Action - the pros and cons. 

How parents can help with application matters and especially college essays. 


Thinking Outside the Box


A freewheeling journey into the often-unknown alternatives.

Why we are driven by Brand, Reputation and Rankings?  How this limits choice and opportunity.  Recognising quality elsewhere without ‘dumbing down’.  Redefining what Higher Education is about.  Thinking the unthinkable (women’s colleges ++).  Going global – alternatives in Europe and elsewhere.  Why it can work and be worth the risk.


Oxbridge – Why, What and How


How are Oxford and Cambridge different from other universities and how does that relate to your teenage child?  Oxford or Cambridge? College choice: is it an issue? What extra elements does application involve?  Preparing for Assessment Tests and Interviews.  Myths and Realities. And last but not least, why you should be nice to the porter.


Higher Education in Canada


Reasons to consider Canada apart from the Trump/Trudeau Effect. 

The landscape of Canadian Higher Education.  Seeing beyond the brand names of UBC, Toronto and McGill.

Best research resources and how to encourage your teenager to use them well.  How universities decide and how to support your teenager’s applications. 


Higher Education in the UK –  101


Why are UK universities so popular with Hong Kong students? The landscape of UK Higher Education – Oxbridge, Russell Group etc.  Best research resources and how to encourage your teenager to use them well.  UCAS and how it works.  Where extra preparation is necessary – Medicine, Law etc.  The Brexit effect and how that might have a silver lining?


Medicine – Options, Obstacles and Opportunities


Discussing this option with your teenager.  Prerequisites, Grades and Work Experience.

Hong Kong, UK or elsewhere – what are the issues?  Thinking outside the box – Europe and elsewhere - Postgraduate and Foundation options – alternative medical courses/careers.

UK Medicine – BMAT and UKCAT – new ‘private’ alternatives – recent changes in quotas and costs.

UK – Home Fee Status


Home Fees and Overseas Fees – what’s the difference? Definition of Home Fee Status – who is eligible? 

How do Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands differ? What about EU Fee Status and Brexit?

How do you apply?  How do you support your case?  Will it affect chances of admission?


Student Athletic Recruitment


How is the USA different from the UK or Canada?  What are the NCAA, the NAIA etc. and what are the differences between Divisions 1, 2 and 3?  Assessing if this is right for you.  When and how do you prepare for athletic recruitment and how this differs by sport.  The importance/necessity of summer camps and trials?  The role of coaches, the rules that apply and the relationship to academic admission.  Funding and Scholarships.

What About Hong Kong?


The landscape of Higher Education in Hong Kong. Why have Hong Kong universities become more popular in recent years?  How does Hong Kong fit in as an alternative choice for those looking further afield?  What are the links to Hong Kong careers in Medicine, Law and other fields?  Is it all about HKU, CUHK and HKUST? Application and Admission.

Feel more confident about supporting your child's journey to college.

          Now with Afternoon and Saturday timings plus discounted pricing.

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