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Professional Development Service for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders



Do you know all that you'd like to know about International Higher Education? I don't; and I've been doing little else for the past 25 years. 

In your journey to your current position, you've almost certainly been a classroom teacher; a form tutor; a department or pastoral head; and perhaps, an assistant or deputy principal. There's plenty of learning to be done there: in terms of teaching, assessment, well-being, management etc.

Your exposure to Higher Education Guidance might have come through writing references and recommendations as a tutor/teacher; through delivery of a pastoral curriculum that includes career/subject choice elements; or in a management capacity as Head of Sixth Form or IB Diploma Coordinator. However deep it is (or isn't), I can bet that it's not as deep as you'd like, considering how high a priority this is with your parents.

Higher Education Guidance in international schools can be very complex; can and does involve different student populations; different school curricula; different destination countries; different staffing structures etc. 

Even if your current school's HEG staff have time to involve you more in their work, that won't necessarily prepare you for your next school and its particular needs.


My Proposal

To offer two types of service:

  • 1:1 professional development for current and aspiring leaders. Tailored to request and individual's needs.

  • Small group CPD for aspiring leaders wishing to gain a deeper understanding of HE Guidance. 








Both services can take place at our Infinitus Plaza offices; at your school; or online.


Enquiry and Application

Please fill out this form and I'll get back to you with a proposal, timeline and costing.

Consultancy Fees


These would be calculated on an individual service basis and agreed in advance.

All services will be provided directly by Martin Campion himself, with specialist colleagues, where appropriate.  

Please contact him through the email address below.

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