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                    IB Option Choices and Higher Education Requirements – Do Your Own Research


Use the links below to find out about any particular subject requirements or prerequisites for undergraduate degree courses in these destinations.




UCAS Course Search


In the Search Bar, type in the Subject you wish to search and click. Then choose ‘Undergraduate’

Choose one university at a time and try a few.

Click Title of Course – e.g. History       Scroll down to Entry Requirementssection. 

Look at International Baccalaureate- overall scores, HL scores, subject-specific scores?


Hong Kong 

Though IB might not be specified, general subject requirement will give an indication of what is preferred at HL and/or SL.  Prerequisites have eased a little with the introduction of 4 year degrees.



Indicative overall scores are shown in the Admissions Standards section

Prerequisites (and sometimes grades for specific subjects) are in the Programme Specific Requirements section.





Choose International Baccalaureateand then School/Programme Specific




Look for ‘Assumed Knowledge’, ‘Recommended Studies’ or “Prerequisites’ for indications of courses required or preferred.


New South Wales

Click Undergrad courses for International Students and then search by course name.



Search by course name.



Search by course name and then by university.




For all degree courses and universities use the link below to search programs and then see if prerequisites are stated.

Enter Key Word for Subject.

Choose: Bachelors Degree for Program level, English as Language of Instruction

Click Course title to go to Program Related website.



Scroll down for Program specific requirements.


U of Toronto

Select IB option and then look for area of studylink. Read new Maths guidance carefully.



Choose International High School Student and then curriculum as IB.  Tick Subject and go to bottom of page for Program Requirements.


Mc Gill

Choose subject and you’re there.




Specific subjects at I.B. are rarely demanded or requested because of the ‘liberal arts and sciences’ tradition at undergraduate level in the USA where declaring one’s major is often deferred until the third year of study.  If a specific demand is made, it is usually in relation to SAT Subject tests rather than I.B.


However, where a student has a very specific interest such as Engineering in mind, it is wise to opt for related subjects at Higher Level in the diploma years.