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The H.E. Consultant Retainer Model
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Hours per month #









Fee in HK$









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# Hours indicate 'active' hours on site or virtually delivered: preparation and/or travel time are not charged.

Hours not used within the calendar month may be carried over to the following month only, except in the case of the busy application period from August to November inclusive. Hours may not be back-dated.

 Additional hours are charged at HK$3,000 per hour and are invoiced separately. 

Key Advantages

  • Enhancement of your Higher Education Guidance provision in both the short and long term.

  • Easy one-year contractual arrangement without the expense of gratuity and benefits.

  • Fit the cost to your actual needs. 

  • Show stakeholders and parents that this is of high priority by adding a dimension that other schools don't offer.

  • Attract/retain senior students with high university aspirations.



Most Common Reasons for the Retainer Solution

  • Your student numbers are such that you can’t justify the appointment of a full-time college counsellor.

  • You need enhancement in a particular area such as the USA, UK, Oxbridge.

  • You need an in-house trainer/mentor to build the confidence of an inexperienced team and/or take the lead in communications with and presentations to parents.

  • You simply need extra ‘capacity’ for your HE provision in serving your senior students, from time to time. This can involve support during school holiday periods.

  • You would like to improve support for applicants to highly selective colleges in areas such as interviews, supplementary writing requirements, assessment tests etc.

  • You wish to ‘free up’ a full-time subject teacher from his/her additional HE guidance responsibility.

  • Your unique specific need or enhancement aspiration.

Get in touch soon through the contact details below. Let's meet and find the best solution for your school.

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