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   Saturday Seminars

These series of two hour Saturday Seminars prepare students for research and application to the USA, UK or Canada through a small group workshop approach.  Groups are limited to an absolute maximum of 12 students.  

All courses take place at our Lee Garden One Office from 10am to 12 noon.

Intended primarily for students in their penultimate year of high school (Year 12, Grade 11, Secondary 5) 



USA - Jan 12, 19, 26  Feb 16, 23  March 2, 9                                HK$3,900         

Looking at the landscape of US Higher Education. 

College v University; Public v Private; Women v Coed. 

Application and Admission - Common App, Early Decision/Action etc.  

Standardised Tests – SAT v ACT. 

Breaking down the numbers – a look at research resources. 

Costs and Financial Aid.

The Myths and the Realities.  

How they decide. 

Early Decision/Action - the pros and cons. 

How you should decide/research. 

Maximising your chances of admission.  



UK  - March 16, 23, 30  April 6  May 4                                            HK$2,800

The landscape of UK Higher Education – Oxbridge, Russell Group etc. 

Best research resources and how to use them well.

UCAS and how it works. 

How they decide. 

Maximising your chances of admission.

Where extra preparation is necessary – Medicine, Law, Oxbridge etc.  

Costs and Fee Status.


Canada - May 25, June 1, 8, 15                                                            HK$2,300                              

Reasons to consider Canada. 

The landscape of Canadian Higher Education. 

Seeing beyond the brand names of UBC, Toronto and McGill.

Best research resources and how use them well. 

How universities decide and how to maximise your chances of admission.





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