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1:1 Guidance in School Holidays with Online Follow-Up

This service is for students already at Boarding School overseas.

(I do not advise families on boarding school research, selection or admission)



From advising families with children at boarding schools in the UK, USA and elsewhere, I have discovered that the Higher Education Guidance provided at such schools varies a great deal in terms of focus and quality.  Occasionally, this is an overall deficiency (particularly in the research phase) or it is a matter of a UK school giving limited guidance on US admissions and vice versa.

I offer 1:1 guidance to such students when they are back in Hong Kong on school holidays and online follow-up, as necessary, during term-time.  This gives families peace of mind and the assurance that their children are getting the best of both worlds in supporting the transition from school to university.

As with the 1:1 programs for Hong Kong-based students, I focus on the final three years of high school and the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong as final destinations.

Get in touch by phone, email or through this website and we can arrange a family consultation to explore your particular needs and aspirations.

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