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Program and Clinic Fees

1:1 PROGRAM Fees    By Individual Arrangement.


Based on weekly appointments over a minimum of 2 months, fees start at around HK$20,000 rising to HK$180,000 for a full 3 year program #.                         


CLINIC Hours              


By Individual Arrangement but consistent with Program Fee Pricing 

from HK$2,000

Fees will only be requested following successful application and agreement on a program proposal.

Program applicants and their parents will be invited to meet with Martin Campion at the Lee Garden One or Infinitus Plaza office prior to confirmation of the application and program details. 

For each 'contact' hour, 2-3 hours are spent on preparation, research, training and administration.

Fees are inclusive of the costs of some online programs and additional specialist services where these are deemed appropriate. In exceptional cases, an additional cost will apply but only by consent.

As all appointments are with Martin Campion himself, convenient times are very limited and early application is strongly recommended.  Deposits secure a spot and this can be done well in advance of the program start date.  'Full-Year' program clients are given priority in this respect.

# normally from term/semester 2 of Y11/Gr10 to term/semester 2 of Y13/Gr12.  Assumes USA and/or Oxbridge Program.

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