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CAMPION: School Consultancy Services


We will tailor our services to your school’s specific needs:








For growing schools without provision as yet:


Consultation on Staffing Models and Recruitment


Building a Careers/Higher Education Department from scratch – Space/Resources/Online Systems etc.


Drop-in 1:1 and Group Guidance on a periodic basis. #




Department Augmentation –

advice on systems and resources to add further destinations /dimensions to an existing provision.


Drop-in 1:1 and Group Guidance for ‘minority’ destinations or specific needs

(e.g. Oxbridge, UK for a US-focused school, USA for a UK-focused school, Canada/HK/Europe etc)       #


Complementary Service to Families –

Evening Presentations and Consultations on ‘minority’ destinations and specific issues: 

e.g. UK Home Fee Status, Selective US College admission, Canada, the Hong Kong ‘Dilemma’. 

(i.e. areas your existing staff might lack experience of/confidence in)








Staff Training


For H.E. Counsellors and/or those responsible for H.E. Guidance

(e.g. I have recently trained 2 new counsellors at an international school in the basics of USA, UK and Canada Research and Admissions over a 3 day period) 


For All Staff – in obvious areas such as Reference and Recommendation Writing but also in giving staff a greater understanding of the demands of H.E. research and application to different destinations and thereby the student/family experience which they are often unaware of.

(I am also prepared to touch upon sensitive areas such as Predicted Grades that many prefer to avoid)


Consultancy Fees


These would be calculated on an individual service basis and agreed in advance


# This service could be on a one day per week/fortnight/month basis; or on a ‘Counsellor in Residence’ basis (i.e. a whole week once, twice or thrice per year); or simply ad hoc.

All services will be provided directly by Martin Campion himself.  Please contact him through the email address below.

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