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Program Details

While each student will have a distinct and personalised program, the elements below are common to each of the final three years of high school.

ADMISSION will be shorter in some cases for students with relatively simple application requirements (e.g. Australia, UK non-Oxbridge/Medical ).

For maximum benefit, begin your personal program sooner rather than later.

CHOICES         (Year 11, Grade 10, Sec. 4)


Use Personality and Career Psychometric tests to assess relative strengths and potentials.


Career Exploration – using CCC’s Client Zone Resources.


Explore academic preferences and strengths to determine best curriculum choices for final two years of high school.


Develop a CV/Portfolio and explore nature and quality of extra-curricular involvements.


Examine opportunities for internship/work experience and summer programs.


Plan for Standardised Tests (USA) – choice (SAT/ACT) and preparation strategy.


Explore Higher Education landscape of intended destination(s).


Establish Action Plan for Term/Semester 1 of Year 12/Grade 11/ Form 5.




RESEARCH      (Year 12, Grade 11, Sec. 5)

Explore and critically examine best resources for Research – Printed, Online and Human.


Examine and Identify Key Preferences/Criteria for Course and College Choice.


Review CV/Portfolio and nature and quality of extra-curricular involvements.


Develop Personal Action Plan for Research in balance with academic commitments.


Identify and use trusted College/University Search tools online, using CCC Client Zone.


Critically assess developing shortlist in terms of balance and depth of research.


Explore scholarship opportunities/fee status/financial aid etc


Resolve any multi-destination issues.


Create Action Plan for fulfilling admission/entrance requirements for shortlisted colleges.


Develop Standardised and Assessment Test strategies (incl. Oxbridge, Law, Medicine).


Begin to develop ideas for College Essays, Personal Statements and plan for any summer College visits.




ADMISSION    (Year 13, Grade 12, Sec. 6)

Refine Application Shortlist in light of summer visits, developing grades, test scores etc.


Create Action Plan for meeting application requirements and deadlines – e.g. ED,EA advice/strategy.


Develop and fine-tune College Essays and Personal Statements.


Finalise Standardised (SAT/ACT)and Assessment Test (UCAT, LNAT etc.) strategies and practise as appropriate.


Check and optimise key application forms – Common App, UCAS etc.


Interview Guidance and Mock Interview practice (Medicine, Oxbridge, HK, Alumni US etc.).


Portfolio Assessment (where appropriate).


Decision/Waitlist/Clearing Advice

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