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CAMPION: School Consultancy Services


We will tailor our services to your school’s specific needs:








For growing schools without provision as yet:


Consultation on Staffing Models and Recruitment


Building a Careers/Higher Education Department from scratch – Space/Resources/Online Systems etc.


Drop-in 1:1 and Group Guidance on a periodic basis. #




Department Augmentation –

advice on systems and resources to add further destinations /dimensions to an existing provision.


Drop-in 1:1 and Group Guidance for ‘minority’ destinations or specific needs

(e.g. Oxbridge, UK for a US-focused school, USA for a UK-focused school, Canada/HK/Europe etc)       #


Complementary Service to Families –

Evening Presentations and Consultations on ‘minority’ destinations and specific issues: 

e.g. UK Home Fee Status, Selective US College admission, Canada, the Hong Kong ‘Dilemma’. 

(i.e. areas your existing staff might lack experience of/confidence in)








Staff Training


For H.E. Counsellors and/or those responsible for H.E. Guidance

(e.g. I have recently trained 2 new counsellors at an international school in the basics of USA, UK and Canada Research and Admissions) 


For All Staff – in obvious areas such as Reference and Recommendation Writing but also in giving staff a greater understanding of the demands of H.E. research and application to different destinations and thereby the student/family experience which they are often unaware of.


See some feedback from schools served between 2018 and 2021 - here.

Consultancy Fees


These would be calculated on an individual service basis and agreed in advance.


# This service could be on a one day per week/fortnight/month basis; or on a ‘Counsellor in Residence’ basis (i.e. a whole week once, twice or thrice per year); or simply ad hoc.

All services will be provided directly by Martin Campion himself.  Please contact him through the email address below.

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