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Offering Deep Practice and Experience












Martin graduated from Durham (History) and Cambridge (Education) universities and spent a number of years as a History teacher. As a Head of House at South Island School, he was responsible for supporting and managing student applications to universities in the UK, USA and elsewhere. His strong interest in this field led to his appointment as Head of Careers and Higher Education, a post that he held for 20 years. For approximately 10 of those 20 years, he also chaired the English Schools Foundation Higher Education Counsellors' Group.


In recent years, Martin has made a particular point of immersing himself in what he regards as the wonderful diversity of the American Higher Education scene. He has taken part in numerous conferences and has attended programs at 148 US and Canadian campuses, to date.

At the same time, he has continued to advise and support applications to the UK (including Oxbridge guidance), Hong Kong, Australia and elsewhere for many hundreds of senior students.


Martin continued to work in this role and even teach a little IB HL History up to the summer of 2017. This means that he has a deep understanding of the international school context that many offering a similar service lack: not to mention decades of daily interaction with teenagers.

It is this day-to-day depth (and breadth) of experience that lends itself to this type of service and that gives Martin the strongest profile that you could hope to engage as an advisor to 16-18 year olds involved in this important transition in their lives.

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