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Easter 2020 Online Student Seminars

Make the Best of a Bad Situation  

Higher Education Preparation for the USA and UK 

The extended Covid-19 school break comes at the time of year that is the usual starting point for serious Higher Education Research for students looking to enter university or college in 2021/22.  While their academic work can be set online, this won't necessarily be the case with university guidance and they are in danger of slipping behind in this respect. We want to offer your teenager an opportunity to improve their understanding and their chances of success in pursuing their university ambitions.

These 5 x 2 hour, Monday to Friday online seminars prepare students for research and application to the USA and UK 

through a small group workshop approach.  Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 students.  

All courses are delivered by Founder and Senior Advisor, Martin Campion via Zoom (no download required).

Intended primarily for students in their penultimate year of high school (Year 12, Grade 11, Secondary 5) but also beneficial to those in the year below who wish to be a step ahead.


USA - Mon Apr 6 - Fri 10  or  Mon Apr 13 - 17 - 10am-12pm                            HK$2,500         

Looking at the landscape of US Higher Education. 

College v University; Public v Private; Women v Coed. 

Application and Admission - Common App, Early Decision/Action etc.  

Standardised Tests – SAT, ACT and Test Optional. 

Breaking down the numbers – a look at research resources. 

Costs and Financial Aid.

How they decide. 

Early Decision/Action - the pros and cons. 

Maximising your chances of admission.  


UK  - Mon Apr 6 - Fri 10  or  Mon Apr 13 - 17 -  2pm-4pm                        HK$2,500

The landscape of UK Higher Education – Oxbridge, Russell Group etc. 

Best research resources and how to use them well.

UCAS and how it works. 

How they decide. 

Maximising your chances of admission.

Where extra preparation is necessary – Medicine, Law, Oxbridge etc.  

Costs and Fee Status.

Students who wish to attend both seminars will pay:        HK$4,500 

In view of the limited time for reservation, please follow the invoice instructions to pay promptly, in order to guarantee your place.  If, for reasons beyond our control, the seminars cannot go ahead, all fees will be refunded in full. 

1:1 Online Guidance

This can be arranged at mutually convenient times, depending on need. Please indicate whether you wish to receive preparatory guidance of the type above or something more specific. This is best done by direct email or WhatsApp to the contacts shown below. The minimum hourly fee of HK$2,000 will apply to this service.

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